Meal Replacement Shakes, Supplements and a Meal Plan for Easy Weight Loss

"I'm down 16.5 pounds..."

"I'm down 16.5 pounds after 15 days! This is a good program for me, I'm moving towards my ultimate goal!" - Testimonial from an Ox Client 

The Programs

Time to feel like a better you! Products of our environment, diet and even our own cells can cause damage and aging from within.

Support your body with nutrients to facilitate health and weight loss. Improve energy and libido while resetting your diet.

Why Ox?

Weight loss and health should be empowering, fun, exciting and invigorating.

Filled with vitamins, antioxidant-rich ingredients, and healthy protein, our shakes and supporting supplements curb cravings and help you attain health and weight loss goals.

  • What Sets us Apart

    OxTox uses GMP certified and practitioner exclusive supplements, staying on the cutting edge of effective nutritional science. 

  • Benefits of Superior Nutrition

    GMP certified supplements are tested for purity, safety and efficacy. Products are pure, safe and most importantly, effective.


Will I be hungry?

You should never feel hungry on the OxTox programs. We do not promote a restriction diet. The supplements and shakes can be added to your normal diet/daily routine if you desire to take a slower or less intense approach.

Will this be easy?

Our programs are meant to bring change! They are meant to be realistic for all individuals to follow but difficulty level is individual.

Which is the best general program?

The Ox - On The Wagon program is a general program that will help support metabolic detoxification processes in the body and aid in lean body composition.

Which program is right for me?

Please review our programs list! The category which most addresses your concerns is the program you may want to try! If you would like to try our most general program try Ox - On The Wagon!

Can I do an Ox program while pregnant or nursing?

No, you cannot. Please email us through the contact page and our licenced experts will give you information regarding safe prenatal or post-natal vitamins for you and your child. 

May I speak with an expert?

Please email us through our contact page, it's our job to help you!